• Personal care & Cosmetica

Binnen het segment Personal care & Cosmetica bieden wij u o.a. een compleet assortiment spray- en dispenserproducten voor body en hair (care) products, exclusieve cosmetica, decoratieve verpakkingscomponenten en speciaal ontworpen verpakkingen. Het assortiment omvat o.a. verstuivers en dispensers, cache pompes, sluitingen, flacons, tubes en nog veel meer. We werken samen met gerenommeerde producenten die een hoog kwaliteitsniveau nastreven en samen met hen bieden we de servide die u verwacht.


  • Farma, Health Care & Veterinair

With our wide range of  pharma, health care and veterinary products we can offer most of the solutions you ask for. Our range include bottles both in glass and plastics, closures, droppers, pumps, jars, caps and more for your liquids, tablets, powders, creams and gels. We co-operate with well known companies on the European market to give you the best support and to find the best solutions for your projects.

  • Technisch & Household

CanNL offers a wide range of metal and plastic packaging suitable for this sector. We offer bottles and jars in metal and plastic, closures for special purposes, trigger bottles, pumps etc. You are welcome to contact us via our website to extend your idea of packaging.


  • Food

CanNL can start up innovative projects with clients that look for a new packaging for their innovative food product. We co-operate with producers that together with you can create this idea. Of course we can also offer a wide range of standard packaging solutions in glass and plastics for your next project.

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